Catalogger is a logging bot for Discord that integrates with PluralKit's message proxying.

In 595 servers!

Catalogger adds extra information to edited and deleted messages: system ID, member ID, and the linked account. It also ignores messages that trigger proxies, so your deleted message logs will be free of duplicate messages 🙂

It also shows system information for new members joining your server, and can notify you if an account linked to a banned system joins your server. Which invite a member used is also logged.

Latest announcements

Mar 20, 18:30 UTC · From starshine#0001:

Messages sent by specific users can now be ignored with the /ignore-users command!

Also two smaller updates:
- Edited messages that are longer than 2000 characters are now also sent as attachments. Previously, the updated content got cut off at 2000 characters to fit in Discord’s embed limits.
- Join logs are more compact now (no information is lost, though)

Jan 12, 16:03 UTC · From starshine#0001:

Changes to channels (such as renames) are no longer logged when the channel is ignored, and voice (and stage) channels can now be ignored with the /ignore-channel command woem

Dec 24, 19:51 UTC · From starshine#0001:

The new timeouts are now logged! They’re logged in the same channel as members being kicked, so enable that event if you want to log timeouts.


Nov 27, 01:14 UTC · From starshine#0001:

(I can’t believe it took us this long to add but) kicks are now logged! They’re a separate event, enable it on the dashboard or with /set-channel

Nov 26, 03:54 UTC · From starshine#0001:

Improved invite tracking, limited and single-use invites should be tracked much more consistently now!

A deleted message log
Deleted message logging
An edited message log
Edited message logging
A join log
Member join and leave logging
A join log
Ban and unban logging
A join log
Track banned systems' linked accounts