Catalogger is a logging bot for Discord that integrates with PluralKit's message proxying.

In 975 servers!

Catalogger adds extra information to edited and deleted messages: system ID, member ID, and the linked account. It also ignores messages that trigger proxies, so your deleted message logs will be free of duplicate messages 🙂

It also shows system information for new members joining your server, and can notify you if an account linked to a banned system joins your server. Which invite a member used is also logged.

Latest announcements

Nov 15, 22:01 UTC · From starshine#0001:

Catalogger is back up!

Nov 15, 16:16 UTC · From starshine#0001:

Our hosting provider decided to have more issues today! I am, again, incredibly sorry but there is nothing we can do about this…

Nov 14, 13:50 UTC · From starshine#0001:

The issues have been resolved, and Catalogger is back!

Nov 14, 11:24 UTC · From starshine#0001:

Our hosting provider is experiencing some issues right now, so Catalogger is down. We can’t do anything about this other than wait it out, sorry.

Nov 07, 01:18 UTC · From starshine#0001:

Catalogger is back up! As mentioned before, a couple of events may take a while longer to start working correctly again.

We’ll be watching for any errors for a while longer, though.

A deleted message log
Deleted message logging
An edited message log
Edited message logging
A join log
Member join and leave logging
A join log
Ban and unban logging
A join log
Track banned systems' linked accounts