Catalogger is a logging bot for Discord that integrates with PluralKit's message proxying.

In 218 servers!

Catalogger adds extra information to edited and deleted messages: system ID, member ID, and the linked account. It also ignores messages that trigger proxies, so your deleted message logs will be free of duplicate messages 🙂

It also shows system information for new members joining your server, and can notify you if an account linked to a banned system joins your server. Which invite a member used is also logged.

Latest announcements

Jan 12, 16:03 UTC · From starshine#0001:

Changes to channels (such as renames) are no longer logged when the channel is ignored, and voice (and stage) channels can now be ignored with the /ignore-channel command woem

Dec 24, 19:51 UTC · From starshine#0001:

The new timeouts are now logged! They’re logged in the same channel as members being kicked, so enable that event if you want to log timeouts.


Nov 27, 01:14 UTC · From starshine#0001:

(I can’t believe it took us this long to add but) kicks are now logged! They’re a separate event, enable it on the dashboard or with /set-channel

Nov 26, 03:54 UTC · From starshine#0001:

Improved invite tracking, limited and single-use invites should be tracked much more consistently now!

Oct 28, 18:02 UTC · From starshine#0001:

Bulk deleted messages are now also logged as HTML files you can view in your browser! woem In addition to just looking nicer, this means that formatting, user mentions, channel links, and emotes are shown like they are in Discord itself.
Note: full PluralKit info isn’t shown in the HTML output yet, which is why the text format is still available too (as the second attachment on bulk deleted message logs)

A deleted message log
Deleted message logging
An edited message log
Edited message logging
A join log
Member join and leave logging
A join log
Ban and unban logging
A join log
Track banned systems' linked accounts