Privacy policy

We’re not lawyers and never will be, and we don’t want to write a document no one can (or wants to) read.
That being said, this bot handles sensitive information, so here’s a list of what the bot collects.

By using Catalogger’s commands, or by participating in a server where it’s logging events, you consent to have your data processed by the bot.

This is the data Catalogger collects:

Messages are stored encrypted in the database, and automatically deleted after fifteen days.
This retention time may change in the future; however, it will not be extended, only lowered.

This is the data Catalogger fetches from Discord, and is stored while the bot is running:

Additionally, the dashboard collects the following data:

To clear your server’s data, use the lg!cleardata command.
Catalogger will stop collecting any information when that command is used, unless you reenable logging afterwards.

Note that that command won’t remove any data from database backups. Contact us if you want those wiped too.